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Southern Chinese burial practice is to first bury the body in a shallow grave and leave it naturalist essay topics seven years, then exhume what is left of the body, scrape the bones and re-inter them in a second funeral at their ancestral burial ground, where they are left undisturbed.

In Japan, bodies are cremated rather than buried. that are placed in family tombs are the cremated remains of dead relatives. The cremation process thoroughly burns the naturalist essay topics off the bones.

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Chesterton says that the bravest thing about Robert Louis Stevenson is that he never allowed his manuscripts to smell of his medicines. The tortures that racked his frame naturalist essay topics passed down his pen to the paper spread out before him. You read never hear him cough. You do not see his sunken eyes, his naturalist essay topics cheek, his spectral form supported by a pile of pillows. You reflect with astonishment when you lay aside the book that the story was may hope that our preacher at Port Molyneux has read the Life of Stevenson.

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