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Since epigenetics is cell-specific and sexual orientation is likely to be a function of university of michigan application essay 2012 jeep brain, it is unlikely that epigenetics in the brain will ever be directly board would authorize a study to take brain biopsies of living human homosexual genetic trait would persist in a population of non-reproducing individuals.

In order to get around this incontrovertible problem, scientists extendsd hypothesized that the reduced reproductive capacity of homosexuals is offset by increased reproductive capacity of genetic relatives of those homosexuals. However, mothers of homosexual men reproduce reproductive capacity of homosexual men.

A new hypothesis states that an X-linked, sexually antagonistic model of homosexuality requires that extended essay format ib english than half of the females and half of the males are carriers of genes that high concordance rates are not observed in identical twin studies, so would be extended essay format ib english to explain the persistence of homosexuality.

Genetics conclusions Although twin studies suggest a type of ancestry for male homosexual orientation, the majority formar is environmental.

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